Ed's 2020 Vision

I am running for city council to be the voice of our community. This opportunity is the first time the community of District 4 will have a directly elected council representative who will voice our issues and concerns. 


I believe it's important that our city council representative have experience in business, management, budgeting, leadership, public safety; can represent the district in a professional manner, has strong communication skills and very importantly, is available during the business day to address community concerns as they arise.


When I am elected, I will continue to support our many important civic and non-profit groups in San Marcos. I will ensure I am available to meet with my neighbors in District 4 to hear their concerns and address them to the city council while working with council members to ensure our great city continues to move in a positive direction. 



Our community is served by the region's finest fire department and sheriff's department. My experience as a "Chief of Police" for one of our San Diego communities has given me the opportunity to work as as public safety department head, coordinating public safety response with fire services and other city support departments. I was the sheriff's emergency planning manager, responsible for the region-wide law enforcement response to natural disasters and public disturbances. I know what it means to work within a team and to work toward a common goal. 


The San Marcos Unified School District is one of the finest in the state. I want to continue the collaborative efforts between the city council and the school district as we forecast the needs and demands on our school district.


The economy is ever-changing, but it seems certain the days of large, brick-and-mortar retail stores have passed. I want to work with our business community to bridge the gap we now see between the large department stores and Internet-based sales. I want to make San Marcos a destination city for emerging business and technology that will advantage our residents and provide employment opportunities for our residents including local high school, college and university graduates.


I will work with our local and regional developers to bring innovative ideas to the table so we can meet our local housing needs while maintaining the San Marcos we all love. Our local developers are working hard to provide attainable housing for the people of differing economic abilities in our district and our city. This housing will take many forms, but as our economy grows, we must work together to meet our housing needs. We must seize the opportunity now to forecast our near and long-term goals to ensure the San Marcos of tomorrow is what we all envision – a prosperous family-oriented city where everyone has a home that meets their needs.


This impacts us all. I will use my experiences of over 25-years as a law enforcement professional, expertise as a traffic deputy, and my four years on the San Marcos Traffic Commission to continue the move to mitigating traffic delays through Smart Technology and partnering with our neighboring cities to keep everyone moving as efficiently as possible.

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